Monday, June 1, 2009

Being quiet...

"Why are we whispering?"
The other woman laughed,
"Caroline, you know why, bloody hell!"
Caroline moved, squashing herself against the others body,
"This is nice. Do you want to er..."
"No. Now stop it and get to sleep."
"Have you got cold feet?"
"Yes, why?" Hannah replied and struggled not to laugh out loud.
"No, it's okay, just making sure it's you." Caroline said and she settled again, but sleep isn't what she's thinking about.
"We could you know." Caroline said.
"Keep your voice down." Hannah said and her voice is just as loud.
"I'm not tired." Caroline whispered.
"Just shut up!"
Caroline obviously hadn't got Hannah's hint about shutting up,
"Now what?"
Hannah had convinced herself that she really needs to sleep, but Caroline isn't prepared to let her go just yet.
"I love you."
"I know. I love you."
"What time is it?"
"What?" Hannah replied, annoyance is quite clear in her whisper.
"The time." Caroline said.
"I don't know. Shut up."
"Are we there yet?"
"Shut up!"
Now, Hannah's voice is slowly getting louder and ever so slightly angrier.
"I only want to play." Caroline whined.
"Okay, but not now!"
"Why not?"
"Oh shit, Caroline! Let me get some sleep. Jesus!"
"Are you tired?"
Hannah turned over and looked at Caroline,
"Is there something wrong with you?" She asked.
Caroline laughed, "No. Isn't this fun!"
"Fun? Oh god...!"
Hannah did her best to settle, turning on her side again , but she felt Caroline's hand slowly make its way under her vest, moving around to her breast. She giggled and Caroline is tickling her , her fingers touch her nipple and Hannah nearly screamed and then kisses on her shoulder and her fingers that moved so slowly.
"If you keep doing that, you're gonna be in trouble." Hannah said.
"So can we?"
"Maybe if you're quiet."
"Quiet, me?"
Hannah should know better. Being quiet is not one of Caroline's best qualities, but she does try and Hannah does think that sometimes it's a little put on.
"If you promise to be quiet, we can, yes."
"No. Now shut up."
Caroline doesn't take her hand away, leaving it rest where it is and sleep takes her and the gentle sound of Hannah snoring...

(From 'An Ordinary Day in Extraordinary Ways' Part 1. Written by Jim Hewitt)

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